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The development of dynamic China

By admin 03 02-2016 10:38

With more and more varieties of tinplate, all kinds of CC material, DR material, chrome plated iron enriched, but also promote the development of packaging products and technology, so full of tinplate packaging innovation.

Tinplate packaging occurs primarily in the form of tin, which has many excellent features, the more important is its ownseal, preservation, avoid light, rugged and peculiar metal decoration good.

The reason why there are these characteristics determine who has covered a wide range in the packaging containerindustry, and they have already become the common international packaging varieties.

With the tinplate printing technology and processing technology of continuous improvement, more and more extensiveapplication of tinplate packaging. The current domestic tinplate production capacity continues to increase, tinplateimports will be gradually reduced, in some high-end products still need to be imported is the basic realization ofprovide for oneself.

China packaging industry demand for metal packaging, in quantity and quality are put forward higher requirements.

According to the published prospective industry research institute "2014-2018 years Chinese tinplate packaging containers industry market prospects and strategic planning investment analysis report" analysis: in 2010, Chinametal packaging sales revenue exceeded 50000000000 yuan, also make metal packaging into new growthopportunities, the sustained and rapid development of the food industry.

China packaging network editors believe that, in the next few years, tinplate packaging containers industry will usher in a broader market space for development.

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