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Metal packaging industry is still suffering the bitter

By admin 03 06-2015 14:50

The domestic tinplate price started to rise all the way from June last year, prompting the metal packaging industry with tin as the main raw material is in trouble, especially large enterprises damage to large investment, advanced equipment with annual consumption of more than 10000 tons more tinplate.

It is understood, from last May to February this year has been a total price of 40%, and in the meantime foreigntinplate manufacturers to take cut price measures, resulting in metal packaging enterprises to stabilize pricespurposes cannot be reached by foreign procurement, let with tin as the main raw material production enterprises, the last resort.

The industry advice tinplate enterprises stop price, because if domestic prices high, while imports were restricted, inthe domestic and import prices artificially in the same direction of the circumstances, this situation does not change,the Multi-National Corporation and the domestic brand enterprises are likely to find it he packaging instead of tinplateprice increases will lead to resist.

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