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Tinplate Outlook Service

By admin 03 06-2015 14:50
HARBOR intelligence is the global leader in tinplate price forecast and its market analysis.

Our Tinplate Outlook Service provides in-depth analysis of the key drivers behind current and forecasted tinplate price levels, as well as the latest tinplate statistics and news. We assist:

  • Can makers.
  • Tinplate packaging buyers.
  • Tinplate mills.
  • Tinplate service centers and Traders.

With proven tinplate price forecast and market intelligence that helps them:  
  • Prepare budgets and financial reviews.
  • Negotiate supplier agreements.
  • Plan inventory levels.
  • Develop marketing and sales strategies.

Our Tinplate Outlook Service is provided through the following reports:



Tinplate Outlook Reports (Quarterly)

These reports have become an essential reference for current and future tinplate prices around the world, as it provides a comprehensive analysis of the key drivers moving present and future tinplate prices. The reports will also provide the latest tinplate statistics, including tinplate: consumption, production and steelmaking raw material cost among others.


The reports are:

International Tinplate Outlook Report 

Download example
Tinplate Outlook Report:Special focus on US

Download example
Tinplate Outlook Report: Special focus on Europe

Download example




Tinplate Price Report (Monthly)

This report keeps you inform on a monthly basis of the latest tinplate prices on the main regions around the world. It also contains a brief analysis of the drivers moving tinplate prices. Among the tinplate prices updated every month are: Europe, United States, Latin America, CIS countries, Japan, South Korea, China and Middle East.


Tinplate Export Monitor (Semestral)

This report shows how much and at what price the main tinplate producing countries are exporting tinplate to the different regions of the world. The report is available for both: Tinplate and TFS. 

This report will enable you to: 

1. Compare the average price a country like Japan is selling to your country versus other countries of the world. 

2. Learn to what parts of the world the main tinplate producers are selling to, and in what volume. 

3. Have a greater knowledge of how tinplate is traded around the world. 

Continual assistance: Have access to our tinplate experts to further comment or discuss any subject on our tinplate reports.

Our Tinplate Outlook Service also includes:

Continual assistance: Have access to our tinplate experts to further comment or discuss any subject on our tinplate reports.

Flash News (occasional): We send an e-mail including important breaking news or information 
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