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Tinplate Sheet

By admin 04 20-2015 13:34


Tinplate is a thin steel sheet coated by tin. It has an extremely beautiful metallic luster as well as excellent properties in corrosion resistance, solder ability, and weld ability.

Prime electrolytic tinplate coils and sheets

1. Reference standard: GB2520-2000, JIS G3303-2002 and DIN EN10202-2001




5.Temper grade:T1-T5,DR8-DR10,BAandCAboth.

6. Tin coating: ordinary 2.8g/2.8g, 5.6g/5.6g, We also can produce according to customers' requests

7. Coil diameter: ID 420/ 508mm, OD from 1,000 to 1,250mm

8. Package: Seaworthy Standard with wooden pallet

9. Applications: metal package usage like paint, chemical can,aerosol can and different food can production,Also battery,electric cable and other industries

10. the price: US $ 750 - 1,500 / Metric Ton

Kunry Feature

Our Packing Service

coils:Anti-rust paper +metal cover +corner protected +wood
skid Laded into 20 feet container with max weight 25 tons;
For sheets:Thin plastic film +rust-proof paper +metal cover +metal angles +straps +pallet
Loaded in 20 feet container with max weight 25 tons


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