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Product: Tinplate Coil/Sheet
Thickness: 0.15-0.50mm
Width: 712-1018mm
Tin coating(g/m2): 1.1/1.1, 2.0/2.0, 2.8/2.8, 5.6/5.6
Temper: T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,DR7,DR8,DR9
Annealing: CA,BA
Surface: Stone/Bright/Rough/Sliver
Grade: SPCC/MR
standard: GB/T 2520-2008, JIS G3303-2008 ,DIN EN10203
Packaging: For coils: Anti-rust paper +metal cover +corner protected +wood skid
Laded into 20 feet container with max weight 25 tons
For sheets: Thin plastic film +rust-proof paper +metal cover +metal angles + straps + pallet. 
Loaded in 20 feet container with max weight 25 tons
Roll width 600mm to 980mm
Coil Diameter Inside diameter: 508mm (standard)
Outside diameter: normally 1,000 ~ 1,250mm
Payment: T/T  or  L/C
Application: Food Cans (Beverage Cans, Milk Cans, Fruit Cans, Tomato Cans, Edible oil etc. )
Industrial Cans (Paint Cans, Chemical Cans, Lube containers)
General Line Packaging (Aerosol Can, Gift Cans, Cookies Cans, Stationery Box etc.)

  Temper Grade Hardness Guarantee (HR30T) Applications
Single Reduced
T-1 49±3 Cans, nozzles, and other applications
involving deep drawing that requires large
T-2 53±3 Items that require moderate drawability and
some stiffness.
T-2.5 55±3 Items that require the drawability of T-2 in
combination with the stiffness of T-3 for
general uses.
T-3 57±3 Proper stiffness is imparted to prevent
buckling. For general uses.
T-4 61±3 Can bodies, end and crowns that
require comparatively large stiffness.
T-5 65±3 Can bodies, ends and other applications that
require excellent buckling resistance.
Double Reduced
DR-8 73±3 Bodies of carbonated beverage cans and beer
cans that require stiffness and strength.
DR-9 76±3 Ends of carbonated beverage cans and beer
cans that require stiffness and strength.
DR-9M 77±3 The same as DR-9.
DR-10 80±3 Special application that require strength.

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coils:Anti-rust paper +metal cover +corner protected +wood
skid Laded into 20 feet container with max weight 25 tons;
For sheets:Thin plastic film +rust-proof paper +metal cover +metal angles +straps +pallet
Loaded in 20 feet container with max weight 25 tons


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